Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Amazon RDS Instance Sizes and Maximum concurrent connections

RDS Class  max_connections innodb_buffer_pool_size---------  --------------- -----------------------
t1.micro   34              326107136
m1-small   125             1179648000
m1-large   623             5882511360
m1-xlarge  1263            11922309120
m2-xlarge  1441            13605273600
m2-2xlarge 2900            27367833600
m2-4xlarge 5816            54892953600

Some Important Points when working with Amazon RDS: 

1. You are not given SUPER privilege and there is no direct access to my.cnf
2. To change startup options of MySQL you need to create your own DB Parameter Group and change its default values using RDS CLI. 


  1. What about medium size rds m1.medium??

  2. Since the connection limit of a medium RDS MySQL instance seems like an internet-wide secret to this point, I thought I'd share this info.

    I just created one and found that it has a connection limit of 296.